Posted on: August 9, 2009 10:28 am

If at first you can't come up with a game winner

...Try, try again.. In what seemed like a never ending string of 0's and missed opportunities it seemed like every player on both teams had a chance to be the hero in a regular season game for the ages. Melky had a bid for his 4th walk off of the season sail just foul. Eric Hinske was robbed of extra inning glory by a diving grab and countless others squandered the chance to earn a pie in the face. Almost everyone was O for the day or atleast had numerous ugly k's and weak fly and ground outs in the face of a never ending string of dominant pitching performances. To be honest the lack of even one big hit tinged the game with a boring inept undertone and became down right frustrating to watch. I am all for a good pitching match up but after 11 or 12 scoreless innings I was ready for the ending of this epic. It was almost relief as much as excitement in the voice of John Sterling who had the sound of astonishment in his voice as he called the hit that seemed like it would never come. I was exhausted sitting in my easy chair I can only imagine what the players were feeling as the game reached for the midnight hour. When all was said and done the Red Sox lost a game that may have ended their shot at winning the division and with he state of their pitching staff may prove a very tough loss that precluded their ultimate fall out of the playoffs completely. It was there best match up of the series and now they may be staring a sweep and a 6 1/2 game defecit in the face. A-Rod came up with his first home run in what seems like an eternity in just the right spot and the Yankees look to be in full swing with the season approaching the defining stretch.  The worst part for the Red Sox was the draining of the bullpen and the disheartening nature of a loss that the reeling team badly wanted to avoid. They need to salvage the last 2 games of this series in the worst way and I have serious doubts about their chances at doing so. The frustration is mounting for this team and you can see it on their faces with every argued third strike call, they taking on the look of a defeated team its up to the Yankees in the last two games to make them so.
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